Vita in Latin... Hayat (Life) in Turkish... There's nothing more valuable. There is nothing more important. A divine inspiration in itself. That magical concept that we all want to live better, better quality, healthier... That's why your brand Vitaminica was born from life. And it existed to add value to it. That is why every Vitaminica product comes up with very special formulas that combine valuable natural ingredients with technology. We always prioritize human health and use patented raw materials from leading suppliers. We offer you the important supplements needed by our body to raise your living standards in the most natural way possible.




We bring "Innovation" to your life


The world is changing every day. Accordingly, our lifestyles are changing and new needs are emerging. As Vitaminica, we are constantly conducting research in order to provide the necessary supplements to raise living standards.


Vitaminica Malt Mix enriched with malt, cinnamon and fennel seeds, which we have developed for mothers, is the first of the goodness-filled fruits of this innovative approach of ours



Naturally, we choose the best


What is natural is always healthy. Health also comes mostly from the natural. When preparing recipes containing vitamins and minerals needed by our body, we try to offer you the most reliable raw materials in its natural form by choosing the most reliable raw materials.



Our raw material quality

We supply the raw materials we use in Vitaminica products in their natural form from the world's largest vitamin raw material producer, without being subjected to any additive processes; We start production after the tests we carry out in laboratories with advanced technology.


For a sustainable world


It is impossible for us to imagine life without the world. We do our part for a sustainable world by using recyclable materials in our packaging.



Reliability with Test & Analysis


The tests and analyzes of our products are carried out in the advanced laboratories of Turkey, which has TÜRKAK Accreditation approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.



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