Effect of Barley Malt on Breast Milk

Effect of Barley Malt on Breast Milk

As a result of scientific researches, it has been reached that malt produced from barley has an effect on increasing breast milk. Helping the secretion of prolactin hormone, malt indirectly increases the efficiency of breast milk by providing lactation. Malt Mix product containing barley malt and other natural ingredients, specially developed by Vitaminica for breastfeeding mothers, helps to increase breast milk.

A clinical study conducted at Tehran University has shown that the active ingredient of beta glucan plays an important role in the secretion of the hormone prolactin. You can see the details of the research below;

Plant extracts are widely used to stimulate various physiological functions. Barley also strongly stimulated prolactin secretion. Given that lactogenic agents are water-soluble and resistant to heat or proteases, they appear to be polysaccharides. Chemical analysis of these extracts revealed that the main components of the polysaccharides were pectin and ß-glucan. Further studies confirmed that the potent capacity of these agents elicits prolactin secretion and culture of pituitary fragments.


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November 29, 2021
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